Making of – pt. I

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Eight years

Journal entry by Jussi

19th of June, 2014. Re-union at Matara Studios. Session for pre-production demo vocals. I’m excited. After The Game, my film was cut. I felt I have nothing to say musically – so what’s the point? Luckily, I never quit composing – and here we are now. The old, familiar smell and spirit of Matara as strong as ever. First tunes fill the room, and I’m hooked again.


Agile creativity.I had a chance to take a few photos while Mikko re-wrote some lines to the songs during the demo vocals session. It doesn’t really differ from how I have been composing the instrumental parts and melodies this time. So far it has been very easy, without struggle.


Two days later, we have five demo songs, ready for production phase. After eight years, not bad at all!