Making of – pt. II

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Breaking the habit

Journal entry by Jussi

20th of August, 2014. Production phase of vocals for the first half the album. This time we broke the habit and decided to record in Tampere, Mikko’s home town. It’s easy, as our studio is basically one computer and small Universal Audio recording unit as a hardware. The urban environment ( bomb shelter  ) – was something different. And empowering! I’m pretty certain we got some good stuff done.


These sessions are easy for me, as Mikko is doing all the hard work with vocals. Singing 10 hours a day for two days is hard work. All I had to do was to press the button and listen.

Luckily everything went really smoothly. Refreshment, sauna, good food and time with good friends… Now I will take some distance from the songs before final production and third phase to record rest of the album.