The Game

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In the herd of sleepwalkers,
I’m the one running

We released our debut album The Game on 19th of May, 2006. Album contains ten rock tunes where we combined heavyness of metal to rock, with melodic emotionality and catchy hooks.

The important factor to the overall mood of the record is Matara Music’s own studio, which is located in Northern Finland on an abandoned farm. The absolute solitude of Matara provided a unique atmosphere for the recordings. When we went to record the vocals in the middle of darkest Finnish winter, we were told that two wolves had been seen on the studio yard two days earlier. So the recording environment really went well with the mood of the lyrics: back to nature, back to darkness, into the cold.

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01. Homecoming
02. Scapegoats
03. Speedblind
04. Glass House
05. The Tide Is Turning
06. Dead Dreams
07. No Trace, No Sound
08. Awake
09. Distance
10. The Game
Music & arrangements: Jussi Järvenpää & Mikko Hautakangas
Lyrics: Mikko Hautakangas

Recroded by Jussi Järvenpää at Matara Studios
Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Cutting Room Studios
Album artwork by Jussi Jokinen
Photography by Ville Harilahti

Date of release: 19th of May, 2006 via Matara Music